We picked the worse day to head into Christchurch City Centre, it was miserable all day sadly, but the museums, gallerys and cafes did not disappoint. This is a really interesting city once you have read about its history, especially when it comes to previous earthquakes and what they did to start again. Very impressive.

The Museum is worth a visit, if you are interested in photography at all there is large room specifically for the best captured wildlife photography. This was obviously my favourite part of the museum but everyone is different! Free of charge so if you have the time so why on earth not?


Christchurch Art Gallery also known as ‘Te Puna o Waitwhetu’ is located right in the city centre and is a public gallery which holds NZ and international exhibitions. It is free entry and worth a look around.


Ducky race, not a clue why but hey ho.

The botanical gardens would be lovely to walk around on a summers day, sadly I wasn’t here for one of them days however I did carry out my park run here so I had a quick look around once I had ran my 5k. I will definitely be returning to NZ as I want to see what it is like during summer.

Managed to get my PB here gettttt innn theeeerrreeeee. 22 mins 44 seconds

Be sure to make a short stop off in Kaikora, whether it is one night or two this lovely little town is known for the best whale watching around! There is a 95% chance you get to see the huge Sperm Whales whilst you are on the boat trip. SADLY AND VERY ANNOYINGLY the weather was way too bad for us to go on a whale watching boat trip, even waiting around for a couple of days didn’t make a difference as the storm continued to get worse. Gutted! Next time AY. At laeast it wasn’t a completely wasted trip as Kaikora is a beautiful little coastal town with lovely little cafes and incredible fish and chips (apparantly).

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  1. Looks another lovely place you have found. It’s a shame you were not able to go on a whale watching trip that would have been an experience for you. A visit to NZ in their summer months put on the bucket list. It is s very photogenic country absolutely beautiful xx

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