Sri Lanka – Kalutara

After stepping off the plane and into Colombo Airport, I really did have a culture shock. After travelling Australia and New Zealand for the past 9 months I had forgotten what it was like to travel in an Asian country…how busy the airports and roads are and how annoying the taxi men can be. I could not wait to get to the hotel and was praying it was as nice as it looked online.

It was a stressful 2 hour taxi drive to Kalutara but it was such a relief to arrive at such a nice hotel and not a dingy 3 pound a night hostel. It was a lovely big room, with a balcony overlooking the pool and the beach.

It’s a hard life!

There were a lot of these bad boys snooping around the hotel, some much bigger than this and some teeny ones. They are blind and move around by using their hearing and smell, I wouldn’t like to get whipped by his tale.

Tangerine hotel is located right on the beach front, a beach that is not really for sunbathing on however lovely for a nice walk along, especially when there is a decent sunset which is almost every evening at the moment.


These guys were the happiest dustbin men I have ever come across, tell you what the smell from that bin was nothing like I had smelt before. HURRRRRL


I waited and watched this boy slowly push his bike over the train track to make sure he got over ok.

These little ones were happy to see an English girl with a camera and were incredibly happy to have some snacks!

Family outing.

Work Commute.

I am not a fan of regular coconuts, however I have heard orange Coconuts are much nicer and sweeter so I will have to give it a go!

So the first part of Sri Lanka is officially over. A lot of different emotions whirling through my head at the moment after travelling for such a long time. Only one month until Sister Loz arrives in Sri Lanka though so I have that time to travel around the North region as well as getting a cracking tan before she gets here.


3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – Kalutara”

  1. Fabulous pics Lucy. Lovely to get some sun after the cold weather. I think you will have a lovely time in Sri Lanka. hope you are going to swim with the elephants. Dead jealous wish i could be there with you. Lots of Love Sue xx

  2. Hi Lucy, hotel and pool looks good get out and top your tan up. There will be lots of place to go and see.
    Wish I was there with you. xxx

  3. Interesting to read about Sri Lanka Lucy. Totally different to last few months. Continue to make the most of your time traveling. Stay safe and research your destinations and trips well. Looking forward to your next destination blog. I hope the weather stays lovely for you, so you can catch some rays before your reunion. Your photography collection is so varied now in a good way, your portfolio will be outstanding. Well done Luc we are so so proud of you. Love you so much xxxx

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