Sri Lanka – Sigiriya and Safari

It was a hot 5/6 hour train and tuk tuk journey to Waikkal and anyone who knows me well knows how easily I fall asleep on any kind of transport whether it’s a plane, a moped or a horse and carriage (yes that happened in Barcelona). I really did not think anyone would be capable of falling asleep in a crazy drivers tuk tuk, but I did and also managed to almost fall straight out of the side of it, had to slap myself a few times after that to make sure it didn’t happen again! Hilarious when I think back to it now. Should I be allowed to travel alone? who knows but its happening!

Quick nap for this drunk geeza

I am stopping in an Eco friendly resort called ‘Ranweli Holiday Village’, the only way to get there is by floating over on a wooden raft which is really cool/different to start with, however gets very time consuming and sometimes you do wish there was a quicker way over.

The resort is located right on the beach front so I have been able to watch some beautiful sunsets.

I have a lovely spacious room with a bed big enough for three people so star fishing is fantastic. Annoyingly, I have paid extra to stop in a nice hotel with a gym so I didn’t have to find one out and about, however when I got showed the so called ‘fitness centre’ disappointed was an understatement. Literally a tiny room with a very old treadmill and an even older machine that you can apparently lift weights on, no no you cannot. So yes, I have found a gym close by and go there as well as using the crappy treadmill at the hotel just so I am getting use of the facilities.

FREE BREAKY is pretty good here, there is a wide range of foods to choose from varying from fruit and yoghurt to pastries to curries (Sri Lankans have curry and rice at every meal so you can’t not give it a go). Being Gluten Intolerant means I have to stay away from a hell of a lot of food but there is still a good choice and keeps me away from all the cakes! The head chef has kindly been making me gluten free bread too.

I booked on for a Full day safari trip to Wilpattu National Park which I was very excited about. I had never been on a safari trip before and has been on my bucket list for a long time. It was a long 4 hour drive in a mini van, I managed to bag all three seats at the back so I could lie down and nap too and from the national park. On route to the safari we had a very brief pit stop at an incredibly colourful and extravagant Buddhist temple, very impressive I must say however after 2 minutes of taking photographs I got summoned back into the vehicle for wearing shorts where I was told that a female went to prison in Sri Lanka for three months for not wearing long trousers in a temple. I thought of Bridget Jones straight away and couldn’t get back into the van quick enough. I want to be back in the UK for Christmas this year thanks.

I was lucky enough to see a Wild elephant, crocodiles, tortoise, deer, peacocks, eagles, vultures, dragons, monkeys. I was expecting to see more and was gutted I didn’t get to see a leopard but what can you do, can’t force wild animals to pop out and say hello! I am going to be doing a better safari with my sister once she gets out here so there is still time to see at least one leopard! Loved seeing a wild elephant for the first time rather than in a sanctuary, eating away at a tree.


 Dambulla & Sigiriya 

After a couple of days sunbathing and treating myself to massages, another trip was booked and I was heading up north at 5:30am in a minibus with a German family of 3. We were going to climb Sigiriya with a stop off at Dambulla temple on the way. This would have been a lot more interesting for me if the tour guide could be arsed to translate in English as well as German.  Dambulla is known for its Buddha-filled interior.

You must always ask a monk for a photograph before taking it, even though I did he still wasn’t too impressed. Sowie mate

Which way are you looking pal?

Here you will also find a huge Golden Buddha statue, this is what stood out most for me.

It was time to hop back in the van and head to Sigirya, what I had been waiting for!

Sigiriya also known as Lion Rock is known for its ruins on top of a 200 meter high rock surrounded by gardens and reservoirs.


2 thoughts on “Sri Lanka – Sigiriya and Safari”

  1. Lucy!! I’m teaching my kids at school about famous steps around the world and one of the steps is Lion Rock! I might open up your blog and show them my cousin who visited them last week! 😀 hope you’re ok my poops! Can’t wait for December! Love you! Xxxxxxx

  2. Lucy, fabulous pics, so much to see. It was great chatting to you on Saturday cant wait to see you.

    Lots of Love Sue xxx

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