Well I was hoping this long journey was going to be better/more straight forward than the last one and to be honest the first two hours were. My tuk tuk driver was very friendly and got me to Colombo train station with plenty of time to spare, but then the train was delayed..and then delayed again…and the station gradually got busier, filling with individuals who loved to have a good stare which made me feel pretty uncomfortable.

I was relieved when I saw the train pulling in, that relief soon changed to stress as I couldn’t quite believe how busy the train was before anyone got on at this station and no one was getting off! I had people trying to barge me out the way but there was no way that was happening with my big backpack on I wasn’t budging. I really thought I was going to be standing for the whole 3 hours of this journey but there are still some nice humans in this world who let me have their seat which was much appreciated. It was a long, very warm few hours on a train that reminded me of a prison.

I had to try so hard to stay awake and keep an eye on my bags and it is safe to say I was relieved to see the words ‘Galle Station’.

I am stopping in a hostel called ‘Hotel J’ in Unawatuna, 1km walk from a lovely beach and close to a lot of restaurants and bars, such a relief to be in a more sociable location!. It is a nice, chilled out area and the hostel I am staying in has the clearest swimming pool and only 200m away from a gym I have joined for the week for just £5.

It didn’t take me long to find a local fruit shop to get my daily dose of my favourite fruit!

I took a tuk tuk to Galle Fort and spent a few hours looking around the old town and walking around the fort taking in the views, I picked a beautiful day to come here the weather was spot on.

Galle Fort is filled with beautiful, colourful roads filled with quirky shops and cafes.

Elo mate

I have once again been lucky enough to watch some stunning sunsets this week.

Due to bad weather and not being able to go whale watching in New Zealand, I thought I would see what it was like here in Sri Lanka as it seems to be incredibly popular and there is a 99% chance of seeing at least 1 whale! It was a 45 minute journey from Unwatuna to Mirissa in a tuk tuk as this is where the boat picks you up from.


It was a very long boat ride before we saw anything but thankfully we got a few glimpses of a big finn whale with its baby but sadly no jumps or tale flips. Overall I would say it was an average trip but you can’t make wild mammals do anything they don’t want to do!

1 thought on “Unawatuna”

  1. Stunning photographs Lucy.
    Sri Lanka looks an interesting country. Very colourful and picturesque. You continue to achieve new experiences and tick off your to do list Luc.
    What a journey you are having, absolutely amazing. Out of All the photos you have captured how are you going to be able to choose what goes into your portfolio. Can’t wait to see it.
    Well done Lucy on what you have achieved xxxx

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